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Classical Guitar Tuition

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"The guitar is not a choice - it is a destiny." (Andras Tuske)
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High achievers

Congratulations to Kiavash on starting his career as a guitar teacher.
We are always happy to see students and ex students getting to the music field! Connor Whyte ( winner of the 2022 Adelaide International Guitar Competition)


Former academy student in a competition with the bests

Congrats to Connor Whyte, one of our former students to progress to the final of the Adelaide International Guitar Festival competition. Connor was a student at the academy until the end of 2019.
Adelaide International Classical Guitar Competition


Adelaide International Guitar Festival

Andras on stage at the Adelaide International Guitar Festival with the Winter School tutors.

About Tuske Guitar Academy (Est. 1993)

Classical guitar tuition, theory, music reading


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The Teachers

Andras Tuske

 Andras Tuske is a Hungarian born classical guitarist, teacher and composer. He completed his studies in 1993 at the Elder Conservatory of Music, University of Adelaide. He had masterclasses with John Williams, Maximo Pujol, David Tannanbaum, Carlo Barone, Tim Kain and Isolde Schaupp. He has given concerts in Hungary, Germany, England, Austria, Norway, Ukraine, Finland, Italy and Australia. Andras was invited to several international guitar festivals to play and to lecture on guitar teaching, including the Darwin( Australia), Mikulov ( Czeh Republic), Esztergom ( Hungary) and Encs ( Hungary). Some of his ex students are now internationally acclaimed guitarist including: Sandor Papp, Alexandr Tsiboulski, Matthew Withers, Bradley Kunda and Andrey Lebedev. One of his students ( Marcus Kha) won “The most promising young guitarist” award at the 2015 Eisteddfod Competition. Andras is an ex university lecturer and the funder/artistic director of the South Australian Youth Guitar Ensemble ( SAYGE). He has been invited to teach at the Adelaide Guitar Festival Summer School ( 2016).

Erika Tuske

Erika Tuske is a Hungarian born classical guitar teacher. She has a teaching degree from Eszterhazy Karoly University Eger, Hungary. She has been engaged with the classical guitar since 2005. Erika has taken part of several international guitar festival in Europe as well as Australia. She moved to Australia in 2011 and started to teach the guitar in 2014.